About Us

Muirfield Investment Partners is an opportunistic private equity real estate investment firm headquartered in Boston, MA. We are forward thinking real estate investors leading the effort to reinvent and improve private equity investing through the use of blockchain technology.

By utilizing blockchain technology, Muirfield’s proprietary investment vehicles aim to solve key structural issues with traditional private equity funds, offer investors liquidity and improve alignment with their investment managers. Furthermore, our investment vehicles are accessible to investors of all sizes and geographic locations.

Muirfield’s team consists of real estate professionals with decades of collective experience across all facets of real estate, including principal investing, fund management, asset management, lending, principal ownership, operations, acquisitions, dispositions and development.

Our team has been involved in billions of dollars of real estate transactions and seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors across cycles. We achieve this while delivering best in class innovative investment structures that challenge the status quo and drive innovation in our industry.

Investment Strategy

We are progressive real estate investors that focus on mid-market opportunistic investment across all real estate sub-sectors, delivering flexible, creative, and scalable capital solutions to high quality, high-integrity Sponsors.

We focus on the event-driven capital needs of our Sponsors, including the financing of: acquisitions, development, redevelopment, buyouts, recaps, restructuring, transitional and distressed situations and the purchase of illiquid secondary partnership interest.

We invest across the entire capital structure providing joint venture equity, general and limited partner equity, preferred equity, transitional equity and debt, mezzanine, senior and junior secured debt.

We are passionate real estate investors supporting our Sponsors in the thoughtful and intelligent development, redevelopment and expanding of communities around the country.

Dean F. Stratouly

Dean F. Stratouly

President and Founder of The Congress Group, Inc.

Muirfield continually delivers creative capital solutions for our growing needs. Their value goes well beyond what a traditional capital partner delivers. They are intelligent, experienced real estate professionals that have a deep understanding and appreciation for the challenges that developers face when executing projects.

Investor Benefits

Grounded in firsthand experience across all facets of real estate, Muirfield employs a hands-on approach to investment sourcing and management with a primary focus on minimizing downside risk while generating opportunistic returns. We provide the following benefits to our investors:

doneAccess to unique relationships and investment opportunities
doneAn intensive, disciplined and systematic approach to underwriting and due diligence
doneNext generation investment vehicles focused on increasing liquidity and improving investor/manager alignment
doneCompelling return potential with an eye on capital preservation
doneStructuring expertise facilitating investments across the entire capital structure
Dan Fireman

Dan Fireman

Managing Partner, Fireman Capital Partners

What sets Muirfield apart is that they are able to consistently generate unique investment opportunities and structure them in a way that protects our downside risk, while having strong potential to deliver above-market returns based on very responsible underwriting.

Foundation Of Our Success

Tom Zaccagnino Tom Zaccagnino

Founder and Managing Partner

David Fatula David Fatula


Nick Deans Nick Deans

Special Situations

Wade Boylan Wade Boylan

Chief Compliance Officer

Gari Singh Gari Singh

CTO IBM Blockchain

John D’Agostino John D’Agostino

Managing Director DMS

Sam Gaer Sam Gaer

Founder and CEO Katana Financial LLC

Arthur Bavelas Arthur Bavelas

CEO Bavelas Family Office

Manie Eagar Manie Eagar

CEO DigitalFutures

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